20. May 2015

RESER 2015 Conference - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Eigtved Pakhus, 10-12 September 2015

"Innovative Services in 21st Century"

Submission of abstracts: May 11th, 2015
Notification of acceptance to authors: June 8th, 2015
Submission of final papers: August 10th, 2015
Check out conference page: www.reser2015.dk
The importance of knowledge intensive services for growth, economic development as well as human well-being is widely recognised. Also manual services continue to constitute an important aspect of modern societies, for example in the case of many public welfare systems services, tourism and certain facilities management services. Both manual and knowledge intensive services continuously develop and innovate to introduce new or improved service products, increase productivity and improve quality for customers as well as the public's well-being. Development and innovativeness of knowledge intensive and manual services are crucial for meeting society's present problems of employment, sustainability, work integration, ageing and climate change as well as wider economic challenges.

The conference will therefore focus on development and innovation in the different service sectors and their impact on prosperity and human well-being considering the present public and market economic challenges. Development is considered in a broad sense and encompasses issues related to changes of the service sectors themselves as well as their impacts on society, for example in terms of their economic contribution, or contribution to meeting the challenges of employment, work integration, ageing, social exclusion, geographical disparities etc. Innovation is considered in its traditional sense as the introduction of new or improved services, organisational set-ups, marketing procedures, including also public and social innovations. Thus, the conference aims to support broad discussions about issues related to development and innovation of services and to build new understandings of the role of services in contemporary societies. We organize the conference around the following nine themes, each of which illuminate a particular area of interest within the overall broader theme of the conference - service development and innovation in the 21st century. However, papers on related topics are also welcome  Development, innovation and societal impact of knowledge intensive services

  • Development, innovation, and societal impact of knowledge intensive services
  • Development and innovation in public and private manual services
  • Changing geographies of services: Internationalisation, regional and local development
  • The role of services and service development in industrial policy
  • Service management and marketing theory and research methods in an innovative perspective
  • Servitization
  • ICT's role in service development
  • Services and innovation in developing economies (REDLAS track)
  • Industry Master Class

More information about RESER 2015 Conference, please visit conference page.

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