"Services, Natural Resources and Trade Patterns in Latin America"

Organized by: dECON, FCS, Universidad de la Republica, Universidad ORT, ECLAC, IADB, and REDLAS

Universidad de la Republica, 27-28 May 2015

Montevideo, Uruguay

The central theme for the fourth REDLAS conference is to analyse how services can add value to the production and exports of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. Incorporating services into goods trade allows for differentiation and consolidation in accessing new markets and providing growth in domestic value-added with higher skills and employment. It is a productive strategy that can achieve similar results in terms of creating greater domestic employment compared with conventional alternatives that focus on increasing production levels and industrial processing. 
Incorporating value from services is particularly relevant for products intensive in natural resources, as these products dominate exports of Latin American countries, especially those in South America. The region plays a key role in the world market of several of these products (in particular mining and food), providing a sufficient scale for incorporating service related activities (specialised business services) and creating new types of trade specialisation. The incorporation of services into commodities (“servitization”) is a complementary approach to their industrial processing. Both strategies yield simultaneous benefits in terms of employment creation, technical progress, product diversification and quality improvement. Services also play a key role in the technological upgrading of value chains created in or around natural resources.
Within this context, this Call for Papers invites researchers to submit a paper for one of the four following tracks, which may be considered as maturity stages regarding the incorporation of services into natural resources:
a) Infrastructure services and commodity exports. 
b) Incorporation of specialised services to upgrade (processed) natural resources.
c) Development of specialised services linked to exports of (processed) commodities. 
d) Public policies for the development of specialized service providers
The targeted audience of this conference is academics, public policy makers, private sector representatives interested in the development of services as an engine of productivity growth in the region.
On the day after the conference, PhD and Master students working on themes related to the conference will have the opportunity to present their work. Special consideration will be given to papers which focus on the main themes b) and c). The best presentation will receive an award.
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